Gel ADN Silkgen

Gel ADN Silkgen is a moisturizing fluid that provides comfort and softens the skin. Enriched in moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients, this treatment preserves cutaneous hygrometry. As soon as it is applied, the skin is silky, rehydrated and radiates healthy freshness thanks to its illuminating effect.



▪Moisturizing platform – Silk Extract, Prickly Pear Cactus Extract

▪Antioxidizing platform – Salmon DNA, Antioxidant Tripeptide

It is ideal for frequent travelers, people exposed to arid climates, or for use after plastic surgery. It is recommended for all skin types. It can also be placed in the refrigerator during the summer to bring maximum freshness.

Result: Tones, moisturizes, protects and softens the skin

Direction for Use: Apply Gel ADN Silkgen over all the face, neck,cleavage and eye area after previously using the recommended Lotion P50 and a choice of Quintessential Serums.


Volume in Oz: 1.7


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