Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice




Balancing for Oily/Thick Skin

Product description: This Fruit Acid lotion exfoliates and renews the epidermis. It is recommended for thick and dull Skin Instants.

Direction for use: Apply Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice using a cotton pad in the mornings and in the evenings all over a perfectly cleansed face, neck, and cleavage. Use the lotion for a 5 to 8 day course of treatment once a month (according to skin type). Do not use Lotion P50 while you are using Lotion Alpha Kérato-Régulatrice. We strongly advise applying this treatment during the less sunny periods of the year and using sunscreen both during the treatment and in the ensuing week.


Volume in Oz: 1


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