Sérum Erythros

The Sérum Erythros is a cocktail of 7active ingredients objectively tested on sensitive Skin Instants© prone to rosacea. It acts on 3 complementary and synergistic platforms by visibly easing redness, regulating vascularization and reducing skin bloodstream.




▪Reducing blood flow platform – Black Crowberries juice, Red Microalgae extract, Complex of Arnica flowers, Solomon’s Seal and Cypress cones

▪Inhibiting neovascularization platform – Plants Acids extract (Rosemary, Coffee, Oak)

▪Soothing platform – White Tea leaf extract, Vitamin B3, Kudzu extract

Direction for use: On a cleaned skin, apply the serum on the areas with redness. Gently massage with the fingertips until complete absorption. Do not rub.

Size: 1fl

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Volume in Oz

0.5, 1


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