Papier d'Arménie 1900 Box of 12

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This limited series Papier d'Arménie® is a reissue of the very first box made in 1900. Includes 12 booklets of Tradition.

Papier d'Arménie® shows off its history with an old fashioned design featuring some of the honors and awards that have been won since 1885. Traditional, Armenia, and la Rose, capable of storing 12 booklets of 36 perfumed strips, this box constitutes a veritable journey back in time.

The Papier d’Arménie® is used by setting light to a single strip, detached from the booklet one at a time, folded concertina-style, and placed on a heat-proof surface. It can also be used without being lit. Simply place one in a cupboard or drawer and it will slowly release a soft, sweet fragrance.