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Luxury Skincare in Greenwich Village

The charming downtown boutique is bedecked with authentic decor that exudes a timeless beauty reminiscent of an elegant French beauty parlor from the 19th century. Connoisseurs of skincare will delight in the rare and extensive collection of elixirs by the esteemed French-based brand, Biologique Recherche, available exclusively at this location. Whether you’re already privy to the luxurious benefits of these products or have yet to experience them, Kariné Kazarian is dedicated to unlocking the biology of your skin. Boasting a remarkable 25 years of experience, Kariné is adept at diagnosing your current Skin Instant during your consultation. Her suite of treatments, including the Biologique Face Remodeling and Le Soin et Lissant (ideal for soothing post-sun trauma), have garnered a devoted following among models and skin enthusiasts alike, who flock to her new downtown sanctuary.

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Kariné - Riga, Latvia - 1992

As a young lady in Yerevan, Armenia, Kariné was captivated by the intricacies of beauty secrets exchanged by the women in her family during their leisurely soirees at the nearby beauty salon. When she received an opportunity to pursue her studies at the distinguished Institute de Beaute (Moscow Beauty Institute) in Riga, Latvia, she embarked on her training under the tutelage of internationally acclaimed specialists in European dermatology, hailed as the absolute crème de la crème across the globe. It was during her tenure here that Kariné acquired the scientific expertise and refined finesse that only a select few possess in the realm of luxury skincare.

At the outset of her career, Kariné embarked on a quest to discover the finest products available for her discerning clients. Her quest led her to Biologique Recherche, a French company renowned for its fusion of organic botanicals with marine bio-extracts. The key to Kariné’s triumph lies in her early partnership and comprehensive understanding of this assortment.

Kariné relocated to New York in the early 1990s and strategically aligned herself with top beauty advisors at Manhattan’s most exclusive uptown spas. Since then, she has cultivated a devoted fan base consisting of celebrities and skincare aficionados alike. Kariné is thrilled to extend the upscale exclusivity of luxury skincare to her new downtown location in Greenwich Village.

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