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Co Owner- Esthetician

Mariam is a highly experienced esthetician who has been dedicated to the world of skincare for over 9 years. Her passion for skincare and beauty is deeply rooted, as she has been working alongside her mother, a seasoned esthetician, since the beginning of her career. Together, they have cultivated a shared expertise in the art and science of skincare. Her holistic approach to beauty ensures that her clients not only achieve radiant skin but also feel rejuvenated and confident in their appearance. She is a true advocate for the transformative power of high-quality skincare and is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their best possible complexion.



I am a licensed esthetician with over 7 years of experience, specializing in skincare from Biologique Recherche. I am also an expert in Buccal massage. I was one of the firsts who started offering this type of face massage in New York. I believe your skincare routine can be pretty simple but it should be done daily and tailored to your skin type



Sasha is a licensed esthetician with 6 years of luxury experience. She has a passion for gut skin connection and energetics (with a background in sciences). She connects with her clients to help elevate their experience by providing them with skin education, informing them on the relationship of skin and gut in the aging process and as it relates to conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and more. For Sasha a facial is much more than just about the face. Sasha has been trained and specializes in facial sculpting through customized massage techniques and modalities. She leads your experience with curiosity and customization, asking you questions about your skin goals and helping to establish and modify skin care regimens and plans for your specified goals through your journey.


Body treatment specialist

Anastasia is a licensed esthetician with over four years of expertise in body treatments and laser technology. Known for her proficiency in various techniques, a range of personalized solutions for your skin is offered to aim at the revitalization for softer, more hydrated skin, treatment for a sensation of lightness, also to refine bodily contours and reduce cellulite, techniques for a sculpted and toned body, among others.



Interest and great passion for skin health and the cosmetics industry have accompanied me since my early years. As a teenager, I struggled with cystic acne for many years. the long and difficult battle for radiant and healthy skin helped me understand the mechanism and role of the skin as the largest organ of our body. skin is a reflection of our health, which is why in my practice I focus on a comprehensive and holistic approach to achieving the best results. Im a certificated esthetician & Biologique Recherche expert working with Karine Kazarian Team for 6 years. Additionally, certificated Health coach and huge wellness enthusiast. Having a great knowledge and great toll as Biologique Recherche products helps me everyday transform clients skins to make them feel confident and beautiful. Love taking care of all skin concerns but especially managing acne-prone skin is my specialty. Come and let’s glow together!



With a passion for holistic wellness, Karina seamlessly combines her expertise in skincare with a background in yoga and Pilates. Her unique approach reflects a commitment to nurturing not just your skin but your overall well-being. Trust Karina to elevate your spa experience, merging the benefits of relaxation and skincare expertise.