CJB Pro Nephrite - Gua Sha Stone

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The CJB Pro Nephrite Stone (U.S. Patent D908,905), is an original patent protected design by Cecily Braden, Gua Sha Educator and expert in the use of facial massage tools. Its exclusive design is an essential part of her Gua Sha Facial Fusion protocol that combines the art of Gua Sha based on TCM, along with additional lymphatic drainage, connective tissue and facial contour & sculpting techniques.

Nephrite Jade is a dense stone that glides like silk on the skin and effortlessly contours the natural geography of the skin, so you can seamlessly fuse together a variety of facial massage techniques (light to deep) and become more fluid in achieving a myriad of desired results.


    • instantly firms and lifts
    • promotes lymphatic drainage
    • renew facial contours
    • reverse sagging skin
    • diminish dark circles
    • reduce puffiness
    • minimize appearance of wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines)
    • brightens; promotes radiant complexion
    • reduce dark spots; blemishes and other skin problems