Crème B-Stria

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Crème B-Stria Body Skincare - Treatment Cream for White Stretch Mark

Product Description: Crème B-STRIA body skincare is a treatment specially formulated to treat installed and scarred white stretch marks. Rich in exfoliator actives and stimulating the synthesis of dermal collagen fibers and elastin, the crème B- STRIA will help to reduce the appearance of white stretch marks. The epidermis is smoothed , the dermis is restored : the cutaneous micro relief is improved . Crème B-STRIA is indicated for white stretch marks Skin Instants ©.

Direction for use: Apply Crème B-STRIA in the morning and evening using an ascending massaging motion over the areas to be treated. Its nourishing formula gives a deep massage promoting the activity of the product. For greater effectiveness, use your massage glove.Optimal duration of treatment: 2 months

Volume in Oz : 6.8