Jade Comb: Face & Body - Gua Sha Tool

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The Jade Comb by Cecily Bradenis more than just a comb for the hair and scalp and features several angles and edges for professional Gua Sha treatments and client home care.

This lightweight, easy-to-use design molds easily in your hand for use on the face, crown and body. The fence-post-like ridges work to efficiently stimulate the energy points, untangle adhesions and create space by releasing stagnation and tension that attributes to multiple skin-related issues. The smooth edge irons and smooths the fascia and promotes the movement of lymph and exchange of impurities with essential nutrients for a brighter complexion and glow.

Favorite ways to use by Cecily Braden:

    • Forehead to crown (from brow thru hairline)
    • Lower cheeks (from nasal labia fold to side of face)
    • Neck (from clavicle to jawline)
    • Back of neck (from base of neck and shoulders to occipital ridge following through hairline)
    • Lymphatic Drainage (follow lymphatic pathways)
    • Body (stimulate circulation, cellulite reduction)
    • Crown (stimulate circulation and nutrients to scalp for hair growth)