OMNI HIRAYA GINTO Face Sculpting Tool

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GINTO Face Sculpting Tool is an ergonomically designed high-performance gua sha tool plated in 24-karat gold. To ensure the gold coating remains intact for longer period of time we do not recommend cleaning our tools with harsh cleaning products. Ginto Face Sculpting tool : comes with a textured box ,manual , wipe cloth and a mini travel pouch for easy travel and storage.

How to use:


  1. Apply eye cream under the eyes using the massage bead.
  2. Gently use the bead in a tapping motion to evenly spread the product.
  3. Use the bead to massage the eye area in gentle circular motions until the product is fully absorbed.


  1. Apply mist then serum or face oil evenly around the face.
  2. With the Y-shaped tail end gently press against the bottom of the jaw and glide up holding 2-4 seconds each lift (3-5x) and then repeat on the other side of the Jaw.
  3. With the Y-shaped tail end of the tool gently place the flat end on the sides of your nose and glide upwards to your temples (3-5x).
  4. For the forehead, use the outer part. of the Y-tail to lift gently by sweeping upward from the eyebrow bone to the top of the hairline.


  1. Apply mist then serum or desired product evenly on the neck.
  2. Use any sides of the tool that perfectly fits the curvature of your neck and do gliding motions starting at the base of your neck close to the collarbone and up towards the jaw and hold for 2-3 seconds and repeat all around the neck. (apply gentle desired pressure)

How to clean:

  • Use mild gentle soap and water when cleaning and always ensure that the tool is dry before storing.
  • Do not submerge or soak the tool in water because this could break the solar panel which needs to be functional in order for the micro-current feature to work.
  • Do not use strong alcohol or jewelry cleaning products on tool to protect the gold plating integrity overtime.
  • Do not put inside the fridge as well to ensure gold plating longevity and solar panel function.

Material :


  • Lead free Zinc alloy + Gold electroplating

Roller Ball

  • ABS material + Gold Galvanic Plating

Light absorption Panel

  • Transparent PC Material
  • 3 built in mini solar panels