Serum Progeskin

Volume in oz: .3 FL

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 Progeskin defies the visible signs of skin senescence. Its dual-action formula targets 2 key proteins involved in this phenomenon: progerin and Klotho protein, delivering unprecedented epidermal rejuvenation. Skin is firmer, more toned and plumper. Facial features are smoothed, wrinkles and fine lines visibly reduced. Skin looks younger and more rested.



▪ Regulates progerin synthesis to promote epidermal rejuvenation

▪ Preserves cell longevity: promotes Klotho protein synthesis to delay the onset of senescence in skin cells

▪ Restructures the dermis for a preventive and corrective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect

▪ Overall firming effect

▪ Restarts the skin’s internal regeneration process to protect it from premature aging